Tops casino elevator to sub basement

Helios One is a Poseidon Energy solar plant that generates and provides power to the New Vegas Strip, Freeside, and other settlements in the Mojave Wasteland. It also contains the control system for two space-based weapon platforms … Vault 19 | Fallout Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Vault 21 - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know It has since been converted into a hotel and acts as one of many sources of income for Mr. House and his fledgling New Vegas empire. Castle Zagyg - Yggsburgh - Town Halls | Copyright Castle Zagyg - Yggsburgh - Town Halls - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Castle Zagyg - Yggsburgh - Town Halls Gomorrah | Fallout Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia "Serenity/ Dream Town" Gomorrah is a casino on the New Vegas Strip. It is a favorite of NCR troopers, who often gather in large numbers outside. The casino is managed by the Omertas, a shadowy gang of racketeers.

Subbasement is a floor or set of floors below the main basement floor. In contrast to regular basements where many of them have small amountPlus subbasements are even more susceptible to floods and water damage than the main basement. As a result of all these, subbasements are...

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Disconnected Side Area - TV Tropes The Disconnected Side Area trope as used in popular culture. In video games, normally one expects all playable parts of a level to be reachable from one … Fallout: New Vegas Trophy Guide & Road Map

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Ring-a-Ding-Ding! | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Now that the player character knows Benny is at the Tops casino in New ... that unlocks the sub-basement elevator (on the 13th floor through Benny's suite), ...

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Sub-basement_level_1 THE ELEVATOR. You are in the; Sub-basement 1. Going up? Third Floor. The Tops | Fallout Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia The Tops is one of the casinos on the New Vegas Strip in 2281 controlled by the Chairmen, one of the three tribes that were allowed into New Vegas after the war at Mr. House's invitation. Vault 21 | Fallout Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia The elevator in Benny's suite leading to it is locked unless he is attacked in the Tops Presidential suite, and the tunnel ends in another locked door. Ultra-Luxe | Fallout Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Fallout 2 contains lots of items and references towards things that were cut from the game due to time restraints. Some of this has been restored in the … Disconnected Side Area - TV Tropes